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What drives us forward?

It's our DNA. It's what makes us tick. 3 aspects to what we do, and what is important to us. Have a read below to get a flavour of who we are. They make up our logo, an endless work of getting to know Jesus, connecting with Him and His church, and then telling others. 

Our DNA: Welcome



  • We want to study the whole Bible, submitting to its authority 

  • We want to know God as He reveals Himself in the Bible

  • We want to preach the good news of a crucified and risen Saviour clearly and without compromise 

  • We want to teach the Bible faithfully in an engaging, relevant and practical way

Our DNA: About
Our DNA: About




  • We want to be a community dedicated to prayer and to worshipping God; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

  • We want to disciple each other to become more like Jesus, to love and treasure Him more deeply

  • We want to care for and support our church family

  • We want to serve God’s church and glorify Him in all we do



  • We want to encourage people to share the great news of the gospel with those around us and to be creative in how this is done

  • We want to impact the areas where God has placed us

  • We want to be involved in church planting

  • We want to support and send people to missions at home and abroad 

Our DNA: About
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